What makes you different than everyone else? 

While filming in Kenya, Africa a Maasai warrior gave me the name "Nabii" because I see into people's souls. That's why my wedding films showcase the best in you and create authentic connections.   I have specialized in LDS Utah Wedding Videos for the past 18 years and was named one of the "Top 25 Event Filmmakers in the World" by EventDV Magazine. This enables me to put all of my time and energy into having the most creative, artistic and innovative temple wedding videos available. Many areas out of the state of Utah do not have videographers who understand the temple experience and most couples find it reassuring to have me on site because I have creative work and I specialize in LDS temple weddings.

I live outside of Utah. Will you travel to my wedding?

Yes and I would love to. I've filmed from the Guatemala Temple all the way to Africa,  Please contact me to discuss your wedding in detail.

How do I reserve my wedding date? 

A $500 retainer for Utah Temple weddings and a $1000 retainer for out of state weddings will reserve your wedding date. The retainer is applied to the final package price. Please call soon because we book up quickly, especially our Utah Wedding Videos.

Will my wedding film be ready to show at the reception that same night? 

Most all of our couples are able to watch their wedding video that night at their reception. Even if we only have a few hours between filming and the reception, we can show highlights of the days events for all of your family and friends to share in your special day. 

Will my pre wedding shoot be ready to show at our wedding dinner the night before our wedding? 

Yes, that is an available option as well. This is a great way to introduce everyone to your fiancé. A pre wedding shoot is the very best wedding video we have to offer. You can see a great example on our home page (bring tissues).

How will you work with my photographer? 

Photographers love me and that's why many of the weddings I film are referrals from Utah Wedding Photographers. Just ask your photographer what they think about me.  I sincerely care for their work as much as mine and I shoot alongside them without having to re-setup shots for the video. The shoot goes much quicker and is a lot more candid. 

What if your camera stops working at our wedding? 

I have a backup camera at every shoot – even when traveling out of state. This event is too priceless to leave anything to chance and I am prepared for nearly every situation – rain or shine.

801.898.8985 - dperry@davidperryfilms.com